"I owe my life's work to one of my high school teachers. I'm glad I listened to him."

Randy Scott

I owe my life’s work to one of my high school teachers. Where most people just saw another kid with long hair and a guitar, he saw potential with my design and drafting abilities and persuaded me to go for a career in architecture. I’m glad I listened to him.

After high school I attended Nashville State Community College and received an Associates Degree in Architectural Engineering Technology. I’ve been making that teacher proud for 38 years.

I worked for a few architectural firms before coming to Kline Swinney Associates as a Project Manager in October of 2000. In these 38 years I’ve achieved a great deal of experience that has sharpened my skills in all types of architecture. My “specialty” is in criminal justice projects.

My hobbies include hunting, taking the boat out, fishing, and playing my guitar.