Our Team: Kline Swinney Associates

David Kline

The Kline Swinney Family suffered a tragic loss on December 20, 2017 when David was killed in a traffic accident.  David was much more than a very talented Architect and business man, he was a beloved Husband, Father and Grandfather, and a True Friend to all who knew and worked with him.  He leaves behind a legacy of architectural accomplishments and a large number of professionals to whom he has served as a mentor.  He is sorely missed by all of us.

David would want the firm to continue and to prosper, and that is what we intend to do.  All of us at Kline Swinney Associates will pull together to fill the very large gap left by David’s absence.

Bob Swinney, Partner

Hello. I’m a partner at Kline Swinney Associates with over 40 years of experience in the field of architecture. I’m a graduate of David Lipscomb High School, and graduated with honors from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville with a Bachelor of Architecture degree.

My interest in architecture was greatly influenced by my family-owned business which designed and built religious facilities all over the Southeast and Midwest. As a teenager, I spent afternoons running blue-line prints on an old ammonia-based machine and learning to draw buildings by hand.

After graduating I looked to enter the workforce during a recession. Unfortunately, my services were less in demand than I had hoped, so I hit the trail for California. There I managed to design custom homes for two years.

Bart Kline, Partner

When I was a very young child I spent my days at my Dad’s architectural office. To this day there’s an old folding cot tucked in a broom closet that was used for my afternoon naps. As a teenager I spent many hours running blue prints or learning the best way to cut a 2” x 4” without losing a limb. It was this early exposure to architecture that inspired me to become an architect.

My interest was further developed while studying abroad in Rome, Italy. I developed a passion for urban planning while studying at the University of Arkansas Community Design Center, an internationally recognized outreach center of the Fay Jones School of Architecture. While there, several of my school projects were published or received awards. I graduated with a Bachelor of Architecture Magna Cum Laude.

Tim Piansay

As early as 3 years old I was climbing on roofs and helping my dad build things. When I wasn’t doing that, I was under cars learning how things were put together and how to fix them. This basically alludes to the rest of my life. I live to build and fix just about anything.

I graduated from the University of Tennessee School of Architecture in 2004. Go Big Orange! This is where all of my interests in building and creating took off to a whole new level. During the week I studied design. On the weekends I helped my professors with their building projects. I really enjoyed spending as much time as possible being hands on (and the professors didn’t mind either).

Mark Hawley

As a child my interest in architecture began during summer vacations at my grandparent’s home in Evreux, France. My grandfather was a design engineer who owned drafting tools that fascinated me. During following summer vacations to France, I discovered a country rich in architecture. I also discovered wine, cheeses, and especially le sauscisson sec.

I graduated from Rutherford High School in Panama City, Florida. In 1983 I received a Bachelor of Architecture degree from Auburn University in Auburn, Alabama. During summer and winter breaks from Auburn I worked with a Panama City firm designing beach houses and working on a large local campus project for Florida State University.

Randy Scott

I owe my life’s work to one of my high school teachers. Where most people just saw another kid with long hair and a guitar, he saw potential with my design and drafting abilities and persuaded me to go for a career in architecture. I’m glad I listened to him.

I worked for a few architectural firms before coming to Kline Swinney Associates as a Project Manager in October of 2000. In these 38 years I’ve achieved a great deal of experiences that have sharpened my skills in all types of architecture. My “specialty” is in criminal justice projects.

Fady Grant

Hi, I’m Fady. I grew up in Egypt, surrounded by the rich history of ancient Egyptian architecture, including the ancient Coptic Churches. I was constantly reminded of the people who built these amazing structures that have withstood the passage of time. Their accomplishments are what made me so enthusiastic about becoming an Architect.

I was nineteen when I came to the United States. I attended the University of Memphis and graduated in 2015. My favorite moments in the architecture school were when I joined design competitions and I actually won one of them.

Chris Alexander

Hello, I’m Chris Alexander, Project Manager at Kline Swinney Associates. I am new to Kline Swinney Associates but have lots of experience in all aspects of Architecture.

I joined Kline Swinney Associates in summer of 2019.

Anthony Mangrum

I’m Anthony, a Project Manager at Kline Swinney Associates with over 21 years of experience in the field of architecture. I graduated with honors from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville with a Bachelor of Architecture degree.

Architecture is not just a profession for me, but also a hobby that strengthens my professional endeavors and is a life-long journey of learning and understanding of what has come before and applying it to the future. I enjoy traveling, sketching, rendering, and most anything creatively oriented.

Elaine Arnold

Hi! I’m Elaine Arnold, the Marketing Manager at Kline Swinney Associates. I graduated from Lipscomb Academy and attended Lipscomb University for a couple of years.

During my Lipscomb years I developed a love for art. In high school my afternoons were spent at my Mom’s construction management firm running errands and filing. After College, I worked full-time for her as a payroll clerk. During those years I learned I have no love for filing or being a payroll clerk.

Twenty-nine years ago I joined Kline Swinney Associates as an assistant to the Partners where I learned a lot about the business of architecture.

April Miller

Hi, I’m April Miller! I’m a native resident of Nashville and have resided in Tennessee my entire life. I started working in the design and construction industry as a receptionist at a top 20 General Contractor’s firm. While there, I was responsible for a wide variety of duties that involved greeting guests, answering the telephone, scheduling meetings, obtaining payment/performance bonds, generating subcontractor bid participation . . . the list goes on. Anyway, I gained enough experience to eventually become an Assistant Project Manager/Office Manager.

Now I have over 20 years of experience, and I am the Office Manager for Kline Swinney Associates.


Hi I am David.  I have ten years of experience in Architecture and Project Management for a broad range of projects.  I graduated from El-Shorouk Academy in Egypt with a Bachelor of Architecture degree.  I also have a diploma in Building Technology from Cairo University.

Many people enjoyed building things with Legos as they were growing up, but usually not to the exclusion of all other activities.  For me, though, nothing was more fun than getting a picture in my mind's eye and then being able to create it using those ingenious little blocks.  I didn't limit myself to Legos, however.  I used anything from construction site debris to office tools that could help me build my "architecture".