DESOTO COUNTY JAIL | hernando, Mississippi

Desoto County Jail • Desoto County, Mississippi

This fast growing county needed to expand its present jail quickly and economically while minimizing the impact to its existing facility. Kline Swinney Associates designed a new 160 bed, double celled housing pod and two enclosed exercise yards along with visitation, medical and multi-purpose space, all within a new 23,750 square foot addition. A separate 4,534 square foot addition houses detectives and dispatch. A sprinkler system was added to the existing 31,000 square foot building and minor kitchen renovations were made.

The new jail addition was located one block away and clearly visible from the historic town square. Along with the complexity of adding onto an existing jail and maintaining security, the project was made even more complex by the city's requirement that the jail not look like a jail, but project a positive aesthetic addition to the Square.

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