Fady Grant

Hi, I’m Fady.  I grew up in Egypt, surrounded by the rich history of ancient Egyptian architecture, including the ancient Coptic Churches.  I was constantly reminded of the people who built these amazing structures that have withstood the passage of time.  Their accomplishments are what made me so enthusiastic about becoming an Architect.

I was nineteen when I came to the United States. I attended the University of Memphis and graduated in 2015.  My favorite moments in the architecture school were when I joined design competitions and I actually won one of them.

I joined Kline Swinney Associates in 2017 as an Architectural Intern.  I am involved in many projects at different stages.  I am in the process of learning Architecture, so I have several roles at the office.  BIM Modeling, construction documents, renderings, flythrough videos, and preparing presentations.  I’m also the office photographer which makes use of my new drone.  Since I started working here I feel that I am learning a new thing every day.  And I’m always learning new software to improve the quality of renderings that will help our clients understand what the finished product will look like.  I’m very proud when someone asks for my help with Revit (something else I’m really good at). 

My goals are to get my Architectural License, to be LEED Accredited, and to develop my skills as an Architect.