CURRENT Openings

We unfortunately do not have any openings at this time, but don’t let that stray you away! If you think you are a perfect fit for Kline Swinney Associates, please send us your resume and portfolio, if applicable, and we will keep it on hand for future positions.

We offer our talents in translating our client’s unique goals and requirements into functional, aesthetically pleasing and cost effective structures.


We are small but mighty! We believe in working hard as much as we do in helping one another. Here you’ll find that the environment is laid-back while productive. KSA loves planning outings to help boost comradery between the team and to just get out and have fun! Expect sports outings, axe throwing and tasting the best food Nashville has to offer.

_2017.10.30 The Escape Game Party.jpg


Our diverse background brings a new perspective when collaborating with each other, breathing new life into our designs. Our staff members have been trained in various parts of the country giving us a wide variety of experience to draw upon in the fields of architecture, interior design and planning.